(Yes that was clickbait. Don’t worry about it, just read the article. Also, the answer is “use vague language to make people anxious about everyday things.” There, saved you a scroll.)

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The other day I came across a dinner time mom hack on Facebook. If your small child is “starving” when dinner is almost ready, you can hand them an ice cube tray loaded up with little bits of fruit, protein, cereal, veg, or whatever you’re cooking to take the edge off…


Hello, I am Robin, aka Pamina Q, and I have believed a lot of wild things in my 30-odd years of life.

I was born and raised in the rural Midwest, where I was homeschooled with right wing Christian textbooks from Bob Jones University and Pensacola Christian College. I became interested in Catholicism by the end of high school, and joined the Catholic Church officially in 2007. …

Robin Wilkins

Your philosopher pal!

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